Getting Traction and Attribution for your B2B Marketing Efforts

Let’s face it. If you are struggling to justify your Business to Business Marketing budget, the only way you are going to save yourself and your Marketing team is to get attribution for impacting sales. Sounds like Marketing 101, but many traditional marketers couldn’t find their way to the bathroom when it comes to attribution of B to B marketing spend on butts in seats.

So often, B2B marketers have whined about being just sales support or say to upper management that we are a pure brand play. WAKE UP! If you don’t get credit for your marketing dollars and effort, you will be out of a job because you can’t justify your job. Companies are scratching out the eyes of dogs in order to get the last few bones in the junkyard. The new economics of today require clear and attributable results to any dollar that is spent.

As Marketers, the best way to do that is through a little thing called the Internet. Everything you can send to the Web, should be sent to the Web. If you send prospects to a phone number, track the call. Either way, ask your friendly neighborhood Interactive Marketer. If they are worth their salt, they have been doing these things for years as a part of their core job description. If you are the head of a company or Marketing department and you don’t have an Interactive Marketing, New Media, or Digital Media department, God help you. You may have already lost the fight.

There are a few things to know:

  • Web tracking software allows you to track almost all movements of prospects once they land on a web page. There are tools like Omniture ( and Google Analytics ( that can help with this issue.
  • Drive almost all media buys to the Web.
  • All campaign and/or specific channel traffic should go to unique landing pages.
  • Get unique phone numbers for campaigns and possibly specific landing pages.
  • Create landing pages specific to your target audience.
  • Make sure you have tracking codes for success metrics. If they fill out information or actual buy, you want to know how to get credit.
  • Decide if you have a product that can actually be bought online. If you do, create an eCommerce experience that will help you to drive online sales. Caution: don’t write this off as folly because you think your prices are too high for your products. Some people by cars online.
  • Get an understanding of SEO and SEM strategies for your business. Find out what your competitors are doing and how they are beating you online through the Search Engines.

There is more, but these are some key things to consider for now. If you have questions, let me know ( If you want to help those reading this, add a comment. I don’t claim to have all the right answers, but I have been around the Interactive Marketing space a little while. I have been around from almost the beginning of the marketer’s internet, but I am no Al Gore.

Michael “MBW” Buckham-White

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