Tapping into Key Influencers through Social Media

Tap into key influencers and develop relationships with them through PR and Social Media related activities. Connect with key influencers with strong social followings, building a relationship and introduce the product after trust is established.

Be a Marketing Survivor by Living by the Numbers

Marketing and other department leaders must pay attention to the numbers. Marketers and Marketing leaders are usually the first to get cut during operational expense reductions. I have found that if I hope to survive the challenges placed before me, I better live by the numbers.

Making Sales 2.0 work – Sales and Marketing Can’t Just Date, They Have to Get Married

Often, the relationship between Sales and Marketing is strained.  However the two bedfellows have to cohabitate and are mutually dependent on each other doing a good job for the overall success of the company.  Sometimes Sales likes to think that Marketing is wasteful and doesn’t understand the pressures of Sales.  Sometimes Marketing likes to think [...]

Yes, the Economy Sucks and CEOs are Scared. How Do We Keep Progressing?

I recently read an article about “Balancing Risk and Opportunity in Today’s Economic Climate” published by the Aberdeen Group.  I participated in the study and just got the results yesterday.  The results of the survey, which are from business leaders from all industries show that respondents in late 2009 were expecting a positive turnaround of [...]

B2B & B2C: Stop and Take Time to Test Products and Websites with Users and the Marketplace

I recently witnessed a Marketing professional make a statement about testing during a long running Marketing campaign.  It went something like this:  “We really should have tested it but we had to make the changes so fast, we couldn’t do it”.  Hmmm…  There will be times when it is more important to react and move [...]

Getting Traction and Attribution for your B2B Marketing Efforts

Let’s face it. If you are struggling to justify your Business to Business Marketing budget, the only way you are going to save yourself and your Marketing team is to get attribution for impacting sales. Sounds like Marketing 101, but many traditional marketers couldn’t find their way to the bathroom when it comes to attribution [...]